The largest forwarding and logistics group in the CEE region will offer its services under one unified name BUDAMAR GROUP. „After having made several major acquisitions, it is time to introduce ourselves as a group. BUDAMAR GROUP currently includes 13 companies that belong to major players in their fields. Thanks to them we are able to offer complex forwarding and logistics solutions to our customers,“ says Peter Malec, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BUDAMAR LOGISTICS and CEO of BUDAMAR GROUP.
It is important to point out that BUDAMAR LOGISTICS as a company and as a brand is not lapsed. It still remains the parent company of most of the firms from BUDAMAR GROUP portfolio.
While creating the visual branding, BUDAMAR GROUP decided to maintain and continue the branding and identity of BUDAMAR LOGISTICS. „We added five rings in colours of individual firms into the logo,“ clarifies Ľubomír Loy, Member of the Board of Directors of BUDAMAR LOGISTICS and COO of BUDAMAR GROUP. „These colours aim to represent the group and the variety of offered services,” he added.
One unified name BUDAMAR GROUP was announced during the 18th international specialised transport and logistics fair in Munich called Transport Logistics. It is the largest professional fair on logistics, internal logistics, telematics, cargo, rail, river and air transport in Europe. Thousands of exhibitors from dozens of countries are present here.
BUDAMAR GROUP was present in Munich too – with a 180 square meters exhibition stand. It released its new name and logo as well as a 20 million EUR investment into building its fleet. The fleet of BUDAMAR GROUP has recently been enlarged by five multi-system locomotives Vectron produced by Siemens.
In Munich, BUDAMAR GROUP showed that now it owns the most modern machines produced in Europe. The major benefit of Vectrons is that there is no need to change the inefficient locomotives on boarders of several European countries. BUDAMAR GROUP Siemens Vectrons can be operated in more countries, e.g. in Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia as well as in Slovakia. That was not possible when using the older locomotives.


Inter Cargo
Slovenská plavba a prístavy
ŽOS Vrútky
ODOS Cargo
Bohumín Terminál


The Slovak group was established in 2002. Its business is based on international forwarding and logistics, while it has a leading position in Central and Eastern Europe.
The BUDAMAR GROUP portfolio includes major companies like international forwarder BUDAMAR LOGISTICS, railway transportation companies LOKORAIL, CENTRAL RAILWAYS and INTER CARGO, Slovenská plavba a prístavy, the Bulk Transshipment Slovakia transshipment operator, carriage maintenance company ŽOS Vrútky and carriage producer Tatravagónka
The group's customers are mainly foreign industrial companies mainly from Czechia, Poland, Hungary and Austria. BUDAMAR GROUP offers services in rail, road, river, naval, multimodal and intermodal transportation. It also engages in customs and declaring services, storage services and complex advisory. Together with its daughter and sister companies it employs over 4 500 people.