Our company BUDAMAR LOGISTICS, a.s. was placed on the 2nd place in the yearbook LARGEST IN BUSINESS - FORWARDING AND LOGISTICS, which was inserted into the daily Sme on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. We are also pleased to be on the back cover.
Companies have provided extensive information, offering a broad overview of how Slovak businesses are run. More than 500 companies filled out the questionnaire for the Largest in Business yearbook.
Largest in Business, published by The Slovak Spectator and the SME daily in cooperation with Finstat, is a new annual publication that offers rankings of the largest companies in 50 categories in both Slovak and English. It follows the tradition of the Book of Lists, first published by The Slovak Spectator in 1999. For each significant company operating in Slovakia, basic characteristics about its structure, activities and services are provided along with contact details and the names of head representatives. We have thus enhanced our annual Book of Lists, detailing which the largest companies in Slovakia are, what they do, what countries they come from, how many people they employ, and what they offer their customers.