New design from the bridge series livery

Over the weekend, Vectrons 216 and 217 began getting their new stickers. They were first delivered by Rolling Stock Lease to BUDAMAR GROUP in February 2022, but entered service in a basic white design.

Due to the workload of the locomotives, it was not easy to print the remaining white Vectrons earlier. On Saturday, the Vectrons were brought to Bratislava´s main depot, where they washed and then moved to the Bratislava East depot hall. There, on Sunday, work began on gluing 383.216, which will carry a sticker with the iconic Bratislava Apollo Bridge along with the port cranes in the background. The design of locomotive 217 is still in making and it´s visual will be presented soon.

Try to guess, which bridge will be shown on the last fifth vectron´s design?

Apollo goes into operation today in a new sticker. It´s first performance will be the transport of containers from Pálenisko to Petržalka and subsequent transfer to Rajka for a train loaded with Mercedes vehicles traveling to the German port of Bremerhaven.

In addition to locomotives 216 and 217, the latest additions to our BUDAMAR GROUP fleet, namely Vectrons 221 and 222, will soon be shown in a new graphic design.

The Hungarian company Loc&More takes care of printing the new Vectron sticker livery.

Photo: Matej Pleško