Vectron BUDAMAR GROUP first time in Slovenia

Back to Slovakia returned the Siemens Vectron 383.214 locomotive which was the first representative of the Vectrons BUDAMAR GROUP to visit Slovenia to be ridden on its own power to a narrow pantograph with a load.

Locomotive entered the territory of Slovenia on Monday night via the Hodoš border station from Hungary. He did not come to Slovenia on his own power, but was included as idle locomotive on the train of the carrier Adria Transport, which transported the Vectron to Ljubljana. From there, on Monday, during the day, it moved as a locomotive train by its own power to the Sežana station, where the first part of the load was waiting towards Slovakia.

After hitching the load, the train left Sežana direction to the port of Koper, where the loading of rolls for the end customer in Slovakia took place to the rest of the set, which was already prepared there. Vectron spent the whole Tuesday day in the port of Koper and set out on his journey to Slovakia with a full load on Tuesday at 22:53 and left Slovenia in Hodoš at 6:15 this morning. Across Hungary, he transported the set to the Rajka station, where it was taken over by the carrier ZSSK Cargo, which will transport the train to the destination station in Bytčica.

According to the BUDAMAR GROUP, this was the first such transport involving Adria Transport in Slovenia and CRW in Hungary as a member of the BUDAMAR GROUP.

As this was an ad hoc shipment, it is currently unclear how often these shipments will take place. We believe that this is not the last trip of our Vectron to Slovenia, because in the company we have started to focus on this market as well and the number of shipments should gradually increase in various commodities.

Foto: Rok Žnidarčič