The second series of stickers from Railcolor Design

Last week, two more Vectrons received their final design at the Východné depot. The first five presented a series of Slovak bridges and viaducts, the second five will carry the motif of Slovak castles and chateaux.

"After the successful series called Bridges, we were deciding what the theme of the second series would be. There were many ideas, we once again stuck to the presentation of Slovakia. Not only because we are proud the BUDAMAR GROUP is primarily Slovak, but also because Slovakia has a lot to offer. That's why we chose castles, which are numerous in our country, and to make it more interesting, while we used the day mode for the bridges, it will be night for the castles. We are starting with the Bratislava and Orava castles, others have already been selected, but let yourself be surprised." said Ing. Ľubomír Loy, member of the board of BUDAMAR LOGISTICS and commercial director of BUDAMAR GROUP.

Both locomotives were put into operation on Saturday. Locomotive 221 is decorated with the symbol of the capital - Bratislava Castle, and thanks to the company Railcolor Design, which took care of the design of all new Vectrons, Locomotive 222 got Orava Castle. The Hungarian company Loc&More took care of the implementation.

Guess which other castles and chateaux will our Vectrons carry?


Photo: Michal Plíhal, Matej Pleško